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released March 23, 2019

Nailbreaker - Vocals, production, mixing, mastering, artwork

NN10 Noise Club 2019


all rights reserved




☭ NN10 Noise Club ☭


twitter and ig: @nailbreaker_

email: ghammond072@gmail.com

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Track Name: @nailbreaker_
static shock
brave face rock
terminal entity made to mock
blurry eyes, blurry thoughts
wasted time cannot be bought
never stop replaying images that keeping saying
everything i wanna hear, nothing that i need to hear
pixels flying at break-neck pace
find a safer space

pacifist capitalists
taking turns to play therapist
glowing warmth, burning light
lines aren't blurred they're far too bright
feigning excellence, listicle intelligence
social apathy, masked by charity
everyone gets a third and fourth chance
chances never last

memories of forgery
burner-posting passionately
ent seen reality in bare time
don't need effort for artificial highs
smelling like energy, powered by batteries
loading time feels like an eternity
never disclose what's on my mind
always sharing lies
Track Name: Friday Aesthetics
warm bodies pray for colder nights
calm storm under neon lights
shedding skin to reflect on life
booked out by nostalgic fights

man just popped a bean and he's feeling bless
woke up feeling comforted by hopelessness
got a draw in his bag to take off the stress
hoping everyone's aware he's controlling the mess

people never change

light a blem for integrity
glass bricks thrown around for sincerity
staying up threading over old wounds again
gotta keep em looking fresh in case you're lookin at them
big man wanna prove he's hard
enthusiasm was a big faux pas
validation isn't off the cards
just reserved for the first one to stick with the guard

people never change

head on my shoulders and an eye on my back
need to look straight behind just to know where i'm at
got a pocket full of glass and a hand full of bones
can't get thru the door if i'm on my own
unfiltered and raw for praise
subdued and minimal on the day to day
i can't bite thru it
i can't it anything at all

unsettled in my own domain
my fingers won't rest if my head's in pain
dry skin and clogged up pores
if you're not for aesthetics you're not for a cause
got wired arms and tired hands
my faggot tactics aren't going as planned
i can't look past it
i can't see anything at all
Track Name: My Plans to Gentrify Solvent Abuse
i wanna look just like a youtuber
nice hair, pretty face like a youtuber
clean skin, clean hair, clean prospects
book deal and instagram profit
i wanna make dirt look beautiful
ripped jeans, ripped shirt intentional
blackheads popped for the traffic
webcam plugged in, no damage

none of this is out of the ordinary

i wanna be three feet shorter,
more accessible for my audience
i promise i'm just like you
cus i eat ready meals and i get the tube
i want you to think i'm miserable
if you want me to be miserable
please read my brand new book
it's all about how i am miserable

none of this is out of the ordinary

if it is for your health
i will do anything
because i fucking hate myself
and you can't take that away from me
Track Name: Private Account
my knees are getting weak
in quicksand on the street
swallowed by consciousness
cold hand and tightened chest
broke nails and paranoid
cliches i can't avoid
four walls and tv screen
not enough to comfort me

if it doesn't scare me, it isn't worth it
if it won't hurt me, then i'm not worth it

discretion feels just like home
isolated by my syndrome
pathetic is as pathetic does
pathetic's all i ever was
high ground of morality
such a difficult sight to see
just watching time go by
no impact no goodbye

if it doesn't scare me, it isn't worth it
if it won't hurt me, then i'm not worth it

head of a mangoworm
crawling out the pores of my face
i can feel cleaner now
now i can accept by lack of fate
don't make me reminisce
those memories are way too hard to keep
a constant burial
a constant need to starve myself of sleep

boxed in and burnt out
trivial self doubt

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